Topsfield Fair!

I went to the Topsfield Fair, the oldest fair in the US, this past weekend. And it sure was a fair. Fairs are just a celebration of American abundance (gluttony?), and this was no exception.

I saw:
  • Animals. Many. (Turkeys, bees, an elephant, pigs, roosters, birds of prey, sheep, cows, horses, and even a kangaroo)
  • Giant produce.
  • Miniature plants.
  • The midway.
  • Racing pigs.
  • Art.
  • Live infomercials.
I ate:
  • Cider donuts.
  • Hamburger.
  • Ice cream.
  • Pulled pork sandwich.
I should have had some kettle corn and cotton candy and a corn dog to really make it a fair.

Beautiful peppers!

Multitudes of corn!
The larges pumpkin in New England (over 1,400 pounds).
The midway!
Haunted house with equally creepy guy outside of it.

I should have taken a picture of the racing pigs, but forgot to. That was by far the worst, most uninteresting thing at the fair.


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  2. the racing pigs were terrible, in a it felt like it was 1970 and the guy running the show was ready to hit his animals and let out a racial slur....and that made it immensely interesting. so i have to disagree with the 'uninteresting'.

  3. Don't they have a word for "live infomercials?" Like, "real people selling crap?"

    Tell Brentan his blog sucks, almost as much as mine. Actually, more. But they are pretty close. Also, it's not welcome in California (mine got grandfathered in).

  4. Does that mean I win? Both of you are posting on my blog! Hooray.

    Also "real people selling crap" does not quite describe the way these people had little sets and were pouring coke on carpets and grinding garlic and testing out hair removal products. It was like an infomercial, but LIVE.


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