Little Neglected Blog

Oh little neglected blog, I miss you. I ended up going out and taking some beautiful pictures of the streets of Back Bay a whole week ago, with the intention of putting them up here. And now it is a week later, and I am just finally putting them up.


Coco Avant Chanel

I can't wait for this movie to come out in the US! I love Audrey Tautou, and this just looks beautiful. I'm a little sorry I don't understand any French, because I would like to know what they are saying in the trailer.


I Heart Flowers!

I just can't get enough of this GLORIOUS spring!

Monday was the Boston Marathon, and I basically spent all day outside watching the runners, and picnicking with friends. All of the flowers are blooming along Commonwealth Ave., tulips, magnolias, pansies, cherry trees, all beautiful and colorful. I seem to forget how cheerful the world gets in the spring, how more fragrant the trees are than I remember.
I just want to go out and take more pictures of flowers!


Guest Post and Mass Innovation Night

Two big events in less than 24 hours, both personally and professionally.

First, Tina at the Carrots N Cake blog was generous enough to let me write a guest post about finding the right restaurant for you. I talk about traditional ways, like talking to friends, as well as exploring new media, like my site xelago.com.

Second, last night was Mass Innovation Night! xelago and nine other companies showcased new products to an audience of several hundred people. It was very helpful and productive for xelago, and for me personally. Brentan and I met all sorts of people, and even got interviewed by a Boston Globe reporter. All the interesting people and new ideas were incredible. I only wish I had been able to check out some of the other products that were there; I was too busy telling people about xelago. Also, I don't think I realized how huge Twitter is until last night. omg so many people on Twitter!

Anyway, thanks to the new people I met, new people I will meet, and to Carrots N Cake!


Back on the Job Search Horse

I'm back looking for jobs in San Francisco, and working on xelago after a few weeks hiatus doing a bit of contract work for a consulting company. (Ask me in person how much I liked this).

Its hard to get myself motivated to do stuff. Stuff I don't necessarily want to do. I want to search for things online, and make crafts, and just be passive, and I have to be a little more aggressive and motivated. Well, I am motivated, just not motivated enough to do anything about it.

Any tips for actually getting your butt in gear? Also any tips on how I can make xelago super successful? Or tips on fantastic jobs that I would love and am completely qualified for in San Francisco starting around August?
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