Have you heard of LOLCats?

I bet you've never heard of LOLFed.



I am so pumped for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to go somewhere, cook some pumpkin pie tomorrow, and spend some time with people I don't see very often!

Happy Turkey Day!


Sad, Sad Day for Pushing Daisies

Today is a sad day for Pushing Daisies. I found out that ABC will not be extending the delightfully whimsical, most creative show on television, past its initial 13 episodes this season. It is effectively canceled and done. Please join me as I mourn the loss of fantastic show.

Walking House

My brother is the MIT engineer mentioned in this short article in the New York Times this week. It profiles the house that moves that he worked to build last summer with a Danish art group, N55. How cool!


Old Things

I don't have much new stuff going on right now...kinda in limbo.
So! I decided I would post some old pictures from when I was in France a few years ago. They are some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken.This is taken outside of Versailles, on a very cold, misty, magical winter day.
Also outside of Versailles.
The top of the Sacre Coeur in Paris.
Arc d'Triomphe with tourists.
Looking out of the Musee d'Orsay at the Louvre and the Sacre Coeur.
A giant ferris wheel at dusk in Nice.
The whole trip was not just pretty sights. This is Lauren and I when we were homeless and trapped in a train station overnight. They kicked us out of the waiting area and we had to stay in a place with no heat in January! What an adventure.


Not Done.

I thought I was done with this job. It is not so.

So much more work to do. YUCK YUCK YUCK.


New York Trip

I went back to New York last weekend, this time to visit Emily, who just moved there month or so ago. We went to the New Museum, which had a cool exhibit on Elizabeth Peyton, who paints portraits of all kinds of pop icons, like Kurt Cobain, below.
(Zoe’s Kurt, 1995)

We also went to Macy's where Emily bought a dress for the Sol Lewitt art opening next weekend at the Mass MOCA. Macy's was all decked out in their holiday decor, and it was a little overkill. Like most things Christmas-y.
On Sunday, we had brunch at the CUTEST little bakery/cafe near Columbia called Kitchenette. I seriously want to open my own place just like this. It was super crowded, so I didn't get to take any cool pictures of the details, but I got a few candids of Lauren and Emily. And I had AMAZING almond-cherry waffles.


Economic Victim

Ok. Its official. I am a victim of this bad economy, and I didn't really think it would come or happen to me.

I lost my job yesterday. And now I am part of the 6%+ of this country that are unemployed. My (ex)company is "disbanding" my group and let us all know yesterday. Some of us were absorbed into other practices, but I didn't make a good enough connection with anyone in the profitable groups to stay on, I guess.

It's sad, but it is really an opportunity. I have been thinking about trying some alternative jobs--writing, teaching, entrepreneurship--and this is a forced movement for me. I have to change! I have been thrown into the deep end, and it is sink or swim. Fortunately, I feel like I have bit of a life jacket on, so sinking is not really an option.

So I am putting myself out here on the world wide web in the hopes that someone might be able to help me, to connect me, with an opportunity.

It is weird, and a little embarrassing, but will be a good change overall, I believe. I'm prepared for the worst, and am hoping for the best. It is a week of change, and also a week of HOPE!



This is surely a day of change.


Election Day: I Voted!

Happy Election Day!
I don't know how I'm going to get through this day, I am so excited, so pumped, and so ready for a Democratic victory!


Election Eve

Its the evening before election day! What an exciting time to be alive and participating in our country's democratic process.

To celebrate, and to eat tomorrow while watching the results, I baked Obama/election cookies!

Update: You can also see my cookies on the Yes We Cake blog, along with some other fantastic Obama cakes and baked goods!

The EPA as a Villain in Ghostbusters?

I had a great Halloween on Friday, and my friends showed up and we drank champagne and ate pumpkin pie! Also, we decided to put on Ghostbusters, since it was the only movie I own relatively relating to Halloween. And as we watched, someone remarked that it was really strange that the villain (other than the puff marshmallow guy) is the EPA regulator.

At what point in history did protecting the environment become cool? There must have been a turning point since 1984 that moved the EPA from villain to hero. Environmental regulation and protection has become a mainstream cause of support!

And why was the EPA guy so pompous and elitist? Most people I know who support the EPA are tree-huggers! (Or at least that's the stereotype!)

Granted, the Ghostbusters were trying to protect the city from dangerous paranormal activity, but they were also collecting ghosts and storing them in a non-tested, non-verified area.

But why is the EPA guy just such a pain in the ass?
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