Sad, Sad Day for Pushing Daisies

Today is a sad day for Pushing Daisies. I found out that ABC will not be extending the delightfully whimsical, most creative show on television, past its initial 13 episodes this season. It is effectively canceled and done. Please join me as I mourn the loss of fantastic show.


  1. Why Morn? Let's try and fight to keep this show on first!!!
    This fan site is a great place to keep up with our fight: "http://thepiemaker.com/"
    and also please sign this petition to keep it going, telll your friends, fam, whoever: "http://www.petitiononline.com/daisies/petition.html"

    I know you are in the UK, but It's still a signature. My name is Nicole Evans from Greenville, NC in the US and I'm trying to contact any and all fans on the web to enlist their help to write/email ABC and Warner Bros (which produces the show). This is the best thing on TV and it saddens me that Reality TV and formulatic crime/doctor/cop dramas get priority over this piece of magic. If you would like to contact me with any ideas please visit my website: www.freewebs.com/jncart. Thanks for your time.

    Pie fans UNITE!

  2. Wow, just found this comment now... I'm a little late. I have sent an email to ABC, and have tried to convince all of my friends to watch and become addicts. Looks like you are doing some great work, and are a true fan, Nicole! (And I am in the US, don't know how you got the UK out of my blog!) :)


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