Economic Victim

Ok. Its official. I am a victim of this bad economy, and I didn't really think it would come or happen to me.

I lost my job yesterday. And now I am part of the 6%+ of this country that are unemployed. My (ex)company is "disbanding" my group and let us all know yesterday. Some of us were absorbed into other practices, but I didn't make a good enough connection with anyone in the profitable groups to stay on, I guess.

It's sad, but it is really an opportunity. I have been thinking about trying some alternative jobs--writing, teaching, entrepreneurship--and this is a forced movement for me. I have to change! I have been thrown into the deep end, and it is sink or swim. Fortunately, I feel like I have bit of a life jacket on, so sinking is not really an option.

So I am putting myself out here on the world wide web in the hopes that someone might be able to help me, to connect me, with an opportunity.

It is weird, and a little embarrassing, but will be a good change overall, I believe. I'm prepared for the worst, and am hoping for the best. It is a week of change, and also a week of HOPE!


  1. I'm so sorry, Liz. Our economic state is awful... proven by the fact that talented people, like you, are losing their jobs. I hope this allows you the opportunity to find a new, exciting, and even more fulfilling opportunity! Love you!

  2. Hey Liz, sorry to hear the bad news. I know my situation was slightly different but there is definitely a silver lining every forced change and a better alternative waiting to be found. I'm confident that you'll land on your feet and find something bigger and better. It is the Wellesley way, isn't it? =) I'm sending you good vibes and will keep an ear out for potential connections.

  3. Liz my dear!

    Will definitely keep my ear to the ground. Do you have a resume to send along? Granted most of my connections are in Atlanta and elsewhere, but you never know! Also, I really believe you have cause for optimism. I mean, especially if you were already thinking of other things! Speaking as someone in a fairly alternative job at the moment (and who ended up here in a manner not in the LEAST bit planned), there really is so much enjoyment and opportunity to be found outside of the traditional working realm. Haha, it also happens to be application season, and potentially an opportune time to pursue that even higher education you might be thinking about. :)

    anywho, bonita, send along your resume if you want, ronnie.gosselin@gmail.com, and I can't help but think there are going to be some great and exciting times ahead!



  4. disclaimer re: the exciting times ahead mentioned above:

    i fully expect full reports and procrastination material involving those to show up here (and on style idol!). your fan base eagerly awaits adventures! - r

    ppps- i went to an election party hosted by a woman who went to a women's college and she went, oh no! another women's college alum is here, don't judge how much effort i put into my obama cupcakes! and i laughed and was like, no worries, a fellow wellesley woman made some pretty awesome theme cookies that look a lot like those cupcakes :)

  5. Thanks girls for the support. I'll definitely send you my resume Ronnie. And I'm staying positive!


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