Bathroom "After"

The bathroom is finished! Brentan worked very hard last week, and I did very little since I was at work most of the week. It looks great!



Brentan installed new tile on the floor and countertop, (Do you like the blue decorative border?), replaced the faucet, and painted the walls. I painted the cabinets and all the trim, and designed the color scheme. :) It still needs a bit more detailing, like new handles on the drawers and some towel racks and just a little more warmth and coziness. But you can see the big changes to the room, and how it is just more inviting.

Any ideas for pictures/decor above the toilet? I'm open to something fun, since the rest of the bathroom is pretty conservative!

Also, look what our house has:
No blue tarp on top of it! Yes, that's right, our house got a new roof last week too! By far the most expensive of our renovations, yet the most inconspicuous.
I need to plant some flowers in the front yard to cheer things up a little in that barren yard, but so far there's just been time to focus on the interior.

Next project to tackle:
Put drywall on the water-damaged room, and paint the bedrooms (as well as finish up the living room arrangement).


Kitchen "After"

The kitchen is finally finished! There are still a few more things to touch up, but for the most part it is done! Brentan and I unpacked all of our kitchen things, and set up shop in the kitchen. I forgot that I own so many kitchen accessories. I just have too many! (But I'm going to love being able to use them again.)

So here are the official before and after shots:



And this is a better picture of the color we painted the walls. Do you like it? I didn't know if I liked it at first. It is very vibrant, and is definitely growing on me.


Still Painting

I'm still painting the kitchen cabinets. I had no idea how much work it would be to paint all of them!
Step 1: Scrub
Step 2: Sand
Step 3: Prime
Step 4: Paint
Step 5: Sand
Step 6: Paint
Step 7: Wipe
Step 8: Attach hardware and hinges
Step 9: Hang on cabinets

And I need to do 1-7 for each side of the cabinet doors, as well as for the cabinets themselves. I'm on step 6 right now, waiting for one side to dry. So I'm almost there! And then I get to paint the kitchen (bright green!). Brentan installed new countertops (which you can see in the last post) and just finished grouting the new subway tile backsplash, which I am SUPER excited about. I've seen it in design magazines and such for a while, and really wanted it, and now I have it! Pictures to come, hopefully tomorrow or the next day!


Kitchen Remodel

So many things have happened since that last post. Brentan arrived here in California, we "moved in" without really opening any boxes yet, and started remodeling the kitchen in the new house! We've been working really hard, for about 10 hours a day (except for when I'm working), and making good progress. Here are some before and "during" shots. I hope to have the "afters" by tomorrow or Thursday!



We do have one room set up in the house:
It still needs a new coat of paint and new carpet, but that will wait until we are done with the main living spaces.

The living area:
It has gotten even messier since this picture!
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