Marathon Monday Pics

The Scream Tunnel (late in the day, so not really a tunnel anymore)

Haley and I playing DDR
Happy faces!

Marathon Monday Update

Yesterday, the famous Marathon Monday, best day of unschool at Wellesley College, did not quite hold up to its reputation.
  • Yes, I did get my first Marathon Monday free beer that I was unsuspecting because of the rumor that there was to be no beer.
  • Yes, there was a noreaster, but it mostly just spit on us and did not make us wet.
  • Yes, the cool picnic was held inside, but they just had shitty pizza, but Brentan was able to eat. There also was no music, but there was Dance Dance Revolution that I did with Haley.
  • Yes, the marathon started two hours earlier so it did not last the whole day and was therefore not as fun.
  • Yes, I did not do any homework so now I am drowning in it and should be doing it now.

Party in the pub.


A poem

When I was younger (in high school) I valued poetry, art, beauty. What has happened? Where has my creativity gone? Why haven't I pursued the values of aesthetics? I homage to my younger years, I will write a stream-of-conscious poem.

A tight squeeze, a single drop of rain.
Embrace me, embrace me, embrace me,
Now and again.
The nutty brown flavor pattering around the rim, I sit next to him.
I sit in the cafe, next to him
But alone, outside, the pinch of salty water pummels to the pavement
The other side of the street shines more brightly than the dark side of the moon.
Embrace me. I should say so.
This circle goes around and around, like the friendship that doesn't end, like I hope to be, like I hope to have, and hope to hold it.
He does, and will, and the drop falls, and shatters the street into pieces that pierce the shop windows that reflected strangers' faces.


Its that time of year again....

When I freak out about schoolwork and get a little overwhelmed that I *won't* finish it all. But this year, my very last semester, I am trying very hard to prevent that. I have a list and I am progressing. I just hope all the excitement of other things (like a new apartment, senior gala and ball, etc) won't distract me too much.

What the hell. It is SENIOR SPRING!
Go crazy!



Today is the second day of April, and I experienced a few great April Fool's jokes yesterday. The best in a few years at least!

Facebook used some subtle messages in the news feed. My favorite:

Multiple huge, gigantic threads appeared on Community using Harry Potter character pseudonyms. Hermione Granger was running for CG President, Lord Voldemort entered the system, and George and Fred Weasly wreaked havoc like usual.

However, Google had by far the best April Fool's jokes, mostly because I believed one of them:

I really believed that Google would send me paper copies of my emails, though I didn't quite understand why they would. But their explanation of targeted ads made sense, especially since that isn't uncommon in their other services. What caught me off-guard though were quotes like, "I've always felt uneasy about the whole internet thing," and "Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum, and thus, actually helps the environment."

Also check out Google's other jokes:
http://www.google.com/tisp/ (ridiculous)

Google was so realistic, especially since I was just browsing the numerous services Google offers. Web, images, video, news, maps, blogs (including the one I'm writing on now), books, froogle, groups, patents (!), scholar, and a million more at http://www.google.com/intl/en/options/
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