College is over.

I'm free and done, and I don't have to do any work ever again.
It hasn't hit me. But it will. Oh it will.

Yeah. I'm tough like that.


Hooray Internet!

We're stealing internet from the neighbors in the apartment. This is the first thing I saw with the new internet:

Kennedy- Your Mama

It can't be embedded, boo. But it is an entertaining video. So watch it.


Today is the kind of day that I live for.


Long weekend

I'm not going to have time to recover from this weekend. Its the last week of classes EVER! And since I partied it up hardcore (ha!) this weekend, with moving in, working two days straight, and MIT senior ball (which was amazing! -thanks Brentan ;) ). I should have been asleep at least an hour ago.

Come visit me in my apartment! I want visitors.
(Really, this apartment is consuming my life!)

And also, yay for parties. There seem to be a lot of them this time of year, and this time in my life.

And also, check out this NYTimes article, because it really sums up how I feel about Grey's:

The New Modern Woman, Ambitious and Feeble

So I may not think that it is Ally McBeal's fault, but what is up with ditzy ingenuous? Why can't women have sexy, SMART idols to follow on TV? Ones who are equal with their male co-stars? I know I've been guilty of watching a little too much Sex and the City, but at least those characters didn't always let the men they dated and lust after define who their characters were.


no more school...

I can't do it. I cannot do school any longer.
I'm done. But I still have 4 more projects!

Lets see if I can make it through finals like this.

Ruhlman and apartment

Yesterday was the Ruhlman conference and I presented with Jamie and Laura about our project from last semester's class, Economics of Globalization. It went well, and I'm really happy that people asked us tough questions at the end. It felt like a conference, a dialog that way, which is what I like to see at Wellesley. It happens so rarely. Students are shy to critique their classmates. This is us after the presentation. Look at our relieved faces!
Also, tomorrow is move-in day! I'm borrowing Emily R's car and I'll move most of my stuff, and then most of Brentan's. I slept on my new bed last night, and it is WONDERFUL! Comfy and big. When we have more stuff set up, I'll post pics again!


OK Go in real life!

I saw the most amazing thing at MIT's Lipsync show the other night. I was amazed. I almost couldn't believe what was happening in front of my eyes. Watch it.
Crazy MIT kids!

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