Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
I'm off to the farmer's market, and then to make some creepy halloween decorations in time for trick or treating tonight. I'm excited to be in a neighborhood with lots of kids, and hope we get a few trick or treaters!


New Decor: DIY Art and a Bar

I just finished up these paintings the other day, after being a work in progress for about a month and a half! Sarah helped me create the painting on the left. We went to Michaels and got some crafty stuff (paint, canvases, etc.) when she was here in September. We faux 'woodblock' printed it inspired by a print of a real woodblock print we saw in the store. The other canvas we put 3 circles on.

Well, after putting everything away, I decided I didn't really like the canvas with just 3 circles, so finally, finally Brentan and I painted over it the other night.

I think they look really nice, if not a little small for the wall in the picture. It was way cheaper than buying 2 canvases with pre-made art on them too! And now our little house is just a little more personalized with Sarah, Brentan, and my fingerprints on it!

I also put together this little bar schene on the wall next to the TV where the kegerator is. Don't pay too much attention to the creepy hand, that's just the tap handle. I got the mirrored plate at an estate sale a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. So mid-century and really pretty, and exactly what I was looking to put here. The art above it is from an ad in an old 60's magazine (Holiday) that I also found at an estate sale and framed. It's for Seagrams, and I liked the color and thought since all my friends from Boston love gin and tonics it's a little dedication to them! :) Then I put together a little still life on the top of glasswear and alcohol bottles I already had.

I'm looking to make a little skirt with some wild pattern to cover the base of the kegerator. It just looks like an ugly mini-fridge so I thought it needs some interest. I still have to find some good fabric and measure it all out and find some time to do it though...


Sonoma Wine Country

Last Sunday Brentan and I went up to the little town of Windsor, CA in Sonoma County to meet up with Uncle Lloyd and Helene who were there for the past week tasting wine and eating good food with their wine group from North Carolina.

We went to a few wineries with them and had a nice dinner with their group! I took a few pictures at Acorn Vineyards, which was super tiny.

Wine country was not as snobby and upscale as I thought it would be. I had only ever been wine tasting in Vermont and Maryland, which are not known for their nice wines like Sonoma County is! (Not to say Vermont or Maryland wine was bad) I did have some delicious wine on Sunday though!
Oh boy, Brentan enjoyed those fresh-from-the-vine merlot grapes! Where can we buy those? :)

It was a party. Lloyd has some wine for the party later, too!


Lonny Mag -- The new Domino?

A few people from the ill-fated Domino magazine have returned to the design publishing space with the launch of Lonny Magazine. It's an online magazine that has a similar aesthetic as Domino, and many, many more pages. And it's free, since it's online!
Thanks to Design*Sponge, which I love love love, I found out about the cool new magazine. And the first issue features the apartment of the editor of DS, Grace Bonney. Very cool, and I am already looking forward to the next one!

Things have been very good here-- Carpet is being installed as I write, I'm working more (yay money!), and I took a quick trip up to wine country this weekend. A full report on that to come....
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