More San Francisco and the new house!

It has now been a few days in San Francisco and I'm adjusting to the cool weather and different life!
I interviewed a bunch of people at the museum and today I had the day off, but I'm working all weekend!

Today Kate and I hiked a bit of the Coastal Trail in Lincoln Park. It was very dramatic and a beautiful view of the GG Bridge, the sea, and tankers coming in and out of the bay. Until the early 20th century a train ran where the trail is now, leading to baths and a hotel. The train kept derailing and the track eroding, so they stopped service. We took the remnants of the 1 California street car (actually bus) to the park to begin with.

After our little hike, I went out to Newark to see the house that Brentan and I are buying. It sure is a fixer-upper! Notice the blue tarp on the roof? Yeah, the roof needs some fixing. And there is some termite damage....
After looking at the house I came back into the city, did some shopping, and went to this amazing book store, called Green Apple Books, which is a block from where I am staying! It is one of the better bookstores in the city (as touted by my NFT San Francisco book), and I traded my recently finished "In Defense of Food" for Madame Bovary.

Tomorrow I'm going to the famous Ferry Plaza farmer's market! Oh I think I love being in this new West Coast culture.

But I have to give a shout out to my Boston people, who I miss so much! Especially since they are going camping/having a BBQ this weekend and I'm not going to be there!!


In California!

I'm in California!
I left Boston yesterday morning, and have moved in (for a few weeks) with my friend Kate from college in the Inner Richmond. She lives in a cute condo with another fantastic Wellesley woman, Carla.
I forgot how cold it is here! It hasn't reached 60 degrees since I've arrived in the city. When will it get warm? Will it ever? I didn't really bring too many warm clothes...

So it is cold, but that is about the only negative. Good things are:
1. There is great shopping. I forgot that I love to explore new cities for shopping. Kate took me to this place called Jeremy's yesterday, which feels like this really posh department store, but it is all at discount prices. It is in this gorgeous old loft-like factory building in SOMA. So what if the majority of clothes are Dianne Von Furstenburg and Prada and Dior? It is fun to look and hold them, and know that you might be able to afford it. Also a lot of J Crew and Anthropologie, so that's more affordable. I didn't buy anything, but can see that I might go back in search of a sweater or something if I get really cold.
2. I get to drive by the Golden Gate bridge on the bus on my way to work all the time. So iconic, so structural, and yet still so beautiful.
3. Delicious Mexican food! Before I went in to Jeremy's I went to this Mexican fast foodish place called Mexico au Parc. (I don't know why the name isn't in Spanish and is in Catalan or Portugese or something) My burrito was SMOTHERED in sauce and guac and salsa. And *bonus* came with fresh tortilla chips.
4. My new job! It seems like it is going to be great. I had a quick orientation today about how to interview people, and I will hit the ground tomorrow with a bunch more interviews! HR and data entry orientations to come next week. I think it is going to be a fun, good steppingstone job!

Anyways, I wish I could be back in Boston this weekend to go hiking and camping, but alas, I am going to be working....and I'm still in CA. Must find some other great stuff to do. Farmer's markets? Hiking to Land's End? Good coffee shops? Suggestions?

Also, here is a cute picture of my nephew, Jack, in his car seat from when Brentan and I visited him, Bob, and Elle in Maryland.



So apparently these guys were at the Middle East in Boston tonight

I was having a drink outside, but unfortunately didn't hear them sing this song.

Oh nostalgia. It brought me back to 8th grade. Though I never had realized that they are SUPER from Long Island. And the video is filmed at Coney Island, which really is the epitome of summer.
Ha. Ha ha hahahahah. So much internal laughing.


Life Update

Its been a month! I've been blog lazy. But I've been otherwise busy!

First, I got a job! I went out to San Francisco to interview for a position at the Exploratorium, and found out less than a week later that I got the job. I am super excited for the job, it involves interviewing lots of people and building on my research/interview skills. I'm starting in 2 weeks and have to get my apartment in order to move out. I won't be back to live in Boston after my one-way flight to CA! Brentan will drive across the country with some of our stuff.

Second: The house that we were looking at before completely fell through (though the deal isn't completely dead yet), so on my trip to San Francisco I looked at a few more houses in Fremont and Newark and put an offer on a really cute house with a large yard. I would love to live there, but who knows what will happen.

Third: I took a trip back to Minnesota to visit my family and go to a wedding of my childhood friend, Sonja. The wedding was really pretty, and I had a fun time, as always, catching up with people I haven't seen in years. Since high school!
Brentan and I at the wedding.Flower envy!

So thats the big updates in my life. Next weekend I'm visiting my new nephew, Jack, in Maryland. I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Also, Henry got a boat. I got to ride in it. We almost sank, but it was an adventure!
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