Life Update

Its been a month! I've been blog lazy. But I've been otherwise busy!

First, I got a job! I went out to San Francisco to interview for a position at the Exploratorium, and found out less than a week later that I got the job. I am super excited for the job, it involves interviewing lots of people and building on my research/interview skills. I'm starting in 2 weeks and have to get my apartment in order to move out. I won't be back to live in Boston after my one-way flight to CA! Brentan will drive across the country with some of our stuff.

Second: The house that we were looking at before completely fell through (though the deal isn't completely dead yet), so on my trip to San Francisco I looked at a few more houses in Fremont and Newark and put an offer on a really cute house with a large yard. I would love to live there, but who knows what will happen.

Third: I took a trip back to Minnesota to visit my family and go to a wedding of my childhood friend, Sonja. The wedding was really pretty, and I had a fun time, as always, catching up with people I haven't seen in years. Since high school!
Brentan and I at the wedding.Flower envy!

So thats the big updates in my life. Next weekend I'm visiting my new nephew, Jack, in Maryland. I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Also, Henry got a boat. I got to ride in it. We almost sank, but it was an adventure!


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