The apartment

New things

So of course it has been a while, but I was on Spring break, relaxing on the beach and playing hard on the field. I woke up to several divine sunrises over the Atlantic and laughed my head off.

But tomorrow I get a brand new first apartment! Brentan and I are signing the lease that will allow us to live on Comm Ave with beautiful views and sun and horrific green carpet.

And tonight I get to see the Decemberists in concert, right here at my very own school.

Yay! Life is happy.


Much Too Little, Too Late

President Bush's tour through Mexico and Central and South America (highlighted in the NY Times article "Answering Latin Left, Bush Pledges to Help Poor") is hypocritical. While Bush has been focusing on wars about oil and forcing US democracy in the middle east, the governments and people of the southern West hemisphere have been acting.
I don't blame Hugo Chavez in trying to find an alternative to the market system that hasn't been working in Venezuela. His instillation of anti-US sentiments isn't unreasonable either. Bush has condoned building a wall to block off all southern nations!
Bush's trip is most likely the sightseeing tour of a lame-duck president. (Just look at the picture in the NY Times article!)


Mad and Wet

Ice melts and
Water drops trickle
Down low, wet and moist on the brown, but not dead, grass
Crunchy leaves still swing from oak branches, making small shadows
On snow below
Blue sky peeps out from behind high gray clouds
Its early, earlier than usual
Halfway through March and I can smell spring



This is the man I love.


Do you ever feel like you belong to an organization that is run like a fascist dictatorship? Cause I sure do. Ok, so it may be more like an oligarchy, but I have no representation! So our "president" who was "democratically elected" likes to make up rules that people seem to follow without question.

No meat for meals.
Only certain times are designated to spend with certain people.
If you complain, you get punished by being excluded from future events.
Some events are exclusive to the "elite" members, other members can watch, but may not participate without previous approval.

This "president" decides everything. Why? Why do I have NO power?
I am capable of being responsible for myself, I do not need someone to "take care" of me, thankyouverymuch.
So many choices, so few to make for myself.
So why don't I stop it, exclude myself.
Because I just have two and a half more months! (And then I can be free from this hell)


Madeline Albright is speaking for graduation. Should be great, and hopefully interesting. I can't wait to get out of this place and have an apartment of my own (with my someone special). I also can't wait for it to truly be spring!

I'm going to see Pan's Labrynth tonight. I hope its as good as everyone says it is.


30 some years from now

When I'm 50 the world will be a different place. Technologies and economies will advance, beyond what I can imagine.
But one thing that I can clearly see is a reduction in prejudice and hatred. At least I hope so. Many of today's (American) leaders have been influenced and lived in a society with prejudice. Anyone over age 60 lived through the civil rights movement and women's liberation that brought much attention to the persecution of the groups. But when I'm 50, and my peers and I are leaders in the US, we will have grown up in an era in which many efforts were made to make women and people of all races equal. Not all of the efforts have succeeded, and I recognize a few instances when equality was not on the table--but true progress has been made and will be made. General society will accept the diverse communities we all live in. Maybe not completely, but better than now. My generation has lived through the gay rights movement. One day, most likely in my lifetime, gays and lesbians will have equal legal rights as straight couples EVERYWHERE.
I am excited.


No one is illegal

This YouTube video is interesting. I'm appalled at the childish behavior of a political group at a supposedly intellegent university (but not that surprised). Even though the Republican group is trying to raise awareness of the illegal immigration debate, their behavior is clearly racist. I love debating about immigration policies, but the Republican group was NOT holding a debate.
David Laska's (the NYU Republican Campaign and Intern Chair, who looks and acts like a defensive, naive asshole) arguments about illegal immigrants living in fear are legitimate, but what the US needs to do is try to quell the fears and accept the people who contribute greatly to our society, and not ignore or try to dismiss them. His "satire" of catching the illegal immigrants is not making a clear point about illegal immigration. It is disrespectful, counterproductive, and racist, as the people in the video discuss.

I love that the response is huge protest. I love that many of my peers care about issues of immigration and racism and will act.


Post #1

So this is my first post on blogger. Hmmmm.
I'm so attracted to blogs.

I downloaded Picassa today between my classes. It seems like an iTunes for pictures. So easy to use, but I hope it doesn't mess with my computer like iTunes does. What other music software is good and easy to use? I get so confused with Winamp.
I feel inspired to check out this computer stuff (which I'm not usually likely to do) because I'm reading The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. Friedman has sofar discussed the beginnings of computers and the internet and web browsers, and I just read the part about how open use software changed the world. So I know Picassa and Blogger aren't open use, but I don't know how to program anyway.
The book hasn't lived up to how my dad described it so far, but I'm not even a third through.
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