Do you ever feel like you belong to an organization that is run like a fascist dictatorship? Cause I sure do. Ok, so it may be more like an oligarchy, but I have no representation! So our "president" who was "democratically elected" likes to make up rules that people seem to follow without question.

No meat for meals.
Only certain times are designated to spend with certain people.
If you complain, you get punished by being excluded from future events.
Some events are exclusive to the "elite" members, other members can watch, but may not participate without previous approval.

This "president" decides everything. Why? Why do I have NO power?
I am capable of being responsible for myself, I do not need someone to "take care" of me, thankyouverymuch.
So many choices, so few to make for myself.
So why don't I stop it, exclude myself.
Because I just have two and a half more months! (And then I can be free from this hell)

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