Spring Projects

So not too many blog updates, but lots of things going on.

Spring is here, lots of flowers, green-ness, and nice, warm weather. Last week I started a mini garden in the backyard using a few old filing cabinets, spray paint, and screws. Nothing is ready to harvest yet, but the onion, peas, lettuce, and cilantro have grown a little.
Today I put together a little flower bed with the help of Brentan and an old door. No pictures yet, though.

Brentan is busy building a cabinet to house the kegerator and other various bar supplies. It is really coming along. I keep joking that he will finish before I am done with my chair cushion covers. (Which are still long in process...)

Work is going really well, and taxes are done. But tomorrow is the start to a six day work week. Maybe I need some camillas to get me started:
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