Last weekend Brentan decided to make some absolutely delicious mole sauce for some tacos. I decided to document. He used a recipe from his new Rick Bayless cookbook he got from my mom, and the mole turned out AMAZING. It brought me back to Mexico, and tasted very authentic. Too bad he had to go to hockey afterward, otherwise I would have made some fresh margaritas!

Here are the roasting tomatoes, which made for a smoky salsa.
And the roasted hot pepers.
The final, colorful meal!


Dear Penelope Trunk,

I think you rock. I think you rock in a way that I don't normally admire in people. I like that you are honest and open in your blog posts and tweets. I like that you don't post annoying things like most of the people on my twitter feed and blog roll and Facebook page, and that you only post when something really, really funny or interesting happens to you. You don't post as often, but you post way more quality.

You respect my time and effort to read your input to the blogosphere and don't fill it with mindless crap. It might be mindless, but it is ALWAYS entertaining. I come out of reading your blog posts with a fresh attitude and a lighthearted look on life. I like that you are fresh. So thanks.



Startups are exhausting.

xelago.com is off and running! It is a huge time-eater, and I know the battle is uphill from here! I have to develop a marketing scheme, gain a large user base, establish it as a LLC (which may or may not include spending several hundred dollars), and get the word out. I sure have my work cut out for me. So send it to all of your friends, 20somethingknowitall readers! (Shameless plug, I know!)

Last night I was just so tired after working really hard on it all day. And everything I read says startups will take up all of my time! I just want to reiterate that--it has so far! I am also having a ton of fun, and am planning a large launching party next week--all of my friends can come over and we can just send it out to as many people as possible who might be interested!

Wow, this internet world is so large, and so overwhelming. I feel so little, and so disconnected as I try to promote things from my apartment every day. I might as well be in China.
But I'm not, and that lights a fire under me. xelago has a lot of content to offer, and hopefully it changes the way people interact with their city--trying out new things, recommending things to do to their friends.


xelago.com Pre-launch!

I finally have xelago.com up and running and it is ready to be tested! If anyone is interested in trying it out, I would appreciate it so much!

If you haven't been to the site before, it will ask you to register. After you register you can find friends, and connect through Facebook to automatically add your Facebook friends that use xelago. Then you need to rate a whole bunch of places and events! I keep adding and updating them, so there will be more, but if you see that your favorite or least favorite thing to do isn't added, please suggest it through the site!

Once a few people have signed up and rated things it will give you recommendations, which is the best part!

PLEASE let me know if you have any trouble using the site, or if you have comments, fixes, spot any bugs, or think of any cool features I should add.

Oooooh, I am so excited for people to begin using it!


Dear Doostang,

I really would like to use your website, I would. You offer so many interesting sounding jobs, and not just in finance. But I can't justify paying you $30 a month to join your premium membership. And all of your job postings seem to be premium access only! I can't even look at these jobs. How are you getting the best of the best if you insist on PAYMENT to access these jobs. I am an exceptional job candidate, but I can't justify paying you money, because I am OUT OF A JOB which is why I need to use your site. Please give me free access so I can continue to use your services. I'll even look at some ads if you want me to.


Domino Mag?!

I thought Domino was out of business! I was super surprised when this showed up at my door today!

What a great surprise!

Also, there was no mention of them shutting down in the editor's note, or anywhere else that I could see.

Can't wait to start reading it.

Ok, now I'm looking at their website, and it says March is their last month. So this is the last one...



I keep working so hard on the website, now named xelago! I hope its really going to be amazing and have tons of users, and be just great!
I keep reading all these other blogs about startups and entrepreneurship, (I really like Jun's Startup Life, I even got a shout out from him, and Mixergy). It is really interesting. You always hear about doing what you love, and I really love (so far) making my own web site! (Especially since I have an awesome cohort that already knows how to code)

So, all 4 of you who read this site and live in Boston, better go join xelago when it is ready!
You can see (to the right) that we even made a little widget to post to your blog that will show which places are recommended to you! I don't have any recommendations yet, because I have to rate things first.

oh, SOOOOOO exciting!


Snowy, slow day, and new Twitter!

Today it is snowing outside, and it is going to be a lazy Sunday. Well, a lazy Sunday where I get a lot done, hopefully.

The website-in-development is going so well. Brentan is amazing at coding it, and I am scheming on how to get the word out and get people to use it. We want to launch it soon, so we can get it going. Its really going to be good I hopw.

I also just joined Twitter, so am now part of the mini-blogosphere. I heart web 2.0. I just can't get enough. I've also thought about looking for technology/web related jobs when we head out to San Francisco later this year. It might be something interesting to pursue, since I have such a fascination with it. And it will really help that I've started my own website!! So, if you want to connect with me on Twitter, I have the same username as always, ekronick.
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