Snowy, slow day, and new Twitter!

Today it is snowing outside, and it is going to be a lazy Sunday. Well, a lazy Sunday where I get a lot done, hopefully.

The website-in-development is going so well. Brentan is amazing at coding it, and I am scheming on how to get the word out and get people to use it. We want to launch it soon, so we can get it going. Its really going to be good I hopw.

I also just joined Twitter, so am now part of the mini-blogosphere. I heart web 2.0. I just can't get enough. I've also thought about looking for technology/web related jobs when we head out to San Francisco later this year. It might be something interesting to pursue, since I have such a fascination with it. And it will really help that I've started my own website!! So, if you want to connect with me on Twitter, I have the same username as always, ekronick.

1 comment:

  1. Haha... i just joined twitter today. My sister and roommate told me I have to join before the server fills up and they start charging people...


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