I keep working so hard on the website, now named xelago! I hope its really going to be amazing and have tons of users, and be just great!
I keep reading all these other blogs about startups and entrepreneurship, (I really like Jun's Startup Life, I even got a shout out from him, and Mixergy). It is really interesting. You always hear about doing what you love, and I really love (so far) making my own web site! (Especially since I have an awesome cohort that already knows how to code)

So, all 4 of you who read this site and live in Boston, better go join xelago when it is ready!
You can see (to the right) that we even made a little widget to post to your blog that will show which places are recommended to you! I don't have any recommendations yet, because I have to rate things first.

oh, SOOOOOO exciting!

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