Dear Penelope Trunk,

I think you rock. I think you rock in a way that I don't normally admire in people. I like that you are honest and open in your blog posts and tweets. I like that you don't post annoying things like most of the people on my twitter feed and blog roll and Facebook page, and that you only post when something really, really funny or interesting happens to you. You don't post as often, but you post way more quality.

You respect my time and effort to read your input to the blogosphere and don't fill it with mindless crap. It might be mindless, but it is ALWAYS entertaining. I come out of reading your blog posts with a fresh attitude and a lighthearted look on life. I like that you are fresh. So thanks.



  1. Hi, Liz. Thank you for the letter. I confess to feeling a little pressure here to be funny or insightful. But really, I just want to tell you that your letter makes me so happy.


  2. Oh! I'm so happy you found my blog post, I was hoping you would! (No need for insight, the fact that you responded makes my day!)


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