Dear Doostang,

I really would like to use your website, I would. You offer so many interesting sounding jobs, and not just in finance. But I can't justify paying you $30 a month to join your premium membership. And all of your job postings seem to be premium access only! I can't even look at these jobs. How are you getting the best of the best if you insist on PAYMENT to access these jobs. I am an exceptional job candidate, but I can't justify paying you money, because I am OUT OF A JOB which is why I need to use your site. Please give me free access so I can continue to use your services. I'll even look at some ads if you want me to.


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  1. Haha, good post! (found it through viralogy.com) I used to use Doostang too but not anymore...its not that friendly

    And great point on those who pay to find job opportunities may be the most desperate and least impressive.


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