30 some years from now

When I'm 50 the world will be a different place. Technologies and economies will advance, beyond what I can imagine.
But one thing that I can clearly see is a reduction in prejudice and hatred. At least I hope so. Many of today's (American) leaders have been influenced and lived in a society with prejudice. Anyone over age 60 lived through the civil rights movement and women's liberation that brought much attention to the persecution of the groups. But when I'm 50, and my peers and I are leaders in the US, we will have grown up in an era in which many efforts were made to make women and people of all races equal. Not all of the efforts have succeeded, and I recognize a few instances when equality was not on the table--but true progress has been made and will be made. General society will accept the diverse communities we all live in. Maybe not completely, but better than now. My generation has lived through the gay rights movement. One day, most likely in my lifetime, gays and lesbians will have equal legal rights as straight couples EVERYWHERE.
I am excited.

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