No one is illegal

This YouTube video is interesting. I'm appalled at the childish behavior of a political group at a supposedly intellegent university (but not that surprised). Even though the Republican group is trying to raise awareness of the illegal immigration debate, their behavior is clearly racist. I love debating about immigration policies, but the Republican group was NOT holding a debate.
David Laska's (the NYU Republican Campaign and Intern Chair, who looks and acts like a defensive, naive asshole) arguments about illegal immigrants living in fear are legitimate, but what the US needs to do is try to quell the fears and accept the people who contribute greatly to our society, and not ignore or try to dismiss them. His "satire" of catching the illegal immigrants is not making a clear point about illegal immigration. It is disrespectful, counterproductive, and racist, as the people in the video discuss.

I love that the response is huge protest. I love that many of my peers care about issues of immigration and racism and will act.

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