More San Francisco and the new house!

It has now been a few days in San Francisco and I'm adjusting to the cool weather and different life!
I interviewed a bunch of people at the museum and today I had the day off, but I'm working all weekend!

Today Kate and I hiked a bit of the Coastal Trail in Lincoln Park. It was very dramatic and a beautiful view of the GG Bridge, the sea, and tankers coming in and out of the bay. Until the early 20th century a train ran where the trail is now, leading to baths and a hotel. The train kept derailing and the track eroding, so they stopped service. We took the remnants of the 1 California street car (actually bus) to the park to begin with.

After our little hike, I went out to Newark to see the house that Brentan and I are buying. It sure is a fixer-upper! Notice the blue tarp on the roof? Yeah, the roof needs some fixing. And there is some termite damage....
After looking at the house I came back into the city, did some shopping, and went to this amazing book store, called Green Apple Books, which is a block from where I am staying! It is one of the better bookstores in the city (as touted by my NFT San Francisco book), and I traded my recently finished "In Defense of Food" for Madame Bovary.

Tomorrow I'm going to the famous Ferry Plaza farmer's market! Oh I think I love being in this new West Coast culture.

But I have to give a shout out to my Boston people, who I miss so much! Especially since they are going camping/having a BBQ this weekend and I'm not going to be there!!


  1. Hi Liz,

    It may be a bit of a fixer upper, but the house looks adorable. Good luck! Did you know that Calissa Kummer is now a home owner as well? She can probably give you all kinds of tips.


  2. Beautiful photographs :) I've ALWAYS wanted to visit San Francisco! (I hail from Australia, so it's not very close! :p )

  3. So lovely to see beautiful pictures of San Fran!!! Glad you are settling in well to the job, and isn't having a house/apartment/shed that's a fixer up just a requirement of being a newlywed? :) Good luck on repairs and hope you got a good deal!!! Also, saw that new flick 500 days of summer and whenever Zooey had on a new outfit I thought of StyleIdol! :)




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