Hipsters in Williamsburg and Freaks in Coney Island

I went for a quick weekend trip to the Big Apple this weekend, which may be the last in a long time. Brentan and I stayed with his friend Ante (mr best man from the wedding) in his cute apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is home to the most hipsters ever. We started counting, but lost track immediately. I loved the neighborhood--it was gritty, urban, and friendly and interesting. Tons of cute shops and cafes that I didn't get to explore! There was also a street market and crafty fair that we perused. So nice!
On Saturday afternoon Ante, Brentan, George and I went to Coney Island. It was pretty much like I expeced, a little of the previous kitsch, and a lot more of more recent touristy stuff. The Cyclone and Nathan's hotdogs were there.


I also got to see Emily on Saturday night in Manhattan for a fun party before she heads off to Turkey forever again!

So, a great weekend!

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  1. Love the pictures!!! they match my movie-image imaginings of the place! also, the candids at the end are great :)


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