Marathon Monday Update

Yesterday, the famous Marathon Monday, best day of unschool at Wellesley College, did not quite hold up to its reputation.
  • Yes, I did get my first Marathon Monday free beer that I was unsuspecting because of the rumor that there was to be no beer.
  • Yes, there was a noreaster, but it mostly just spit on us and did not make us wet.
  • Yes, the cool picnic was held inside, but they just had shitty pizza, but Brentan was able to eat. There also was no music, but there was Dance Dance Revolution that I did with Haley.
  • Yes, the marathon started two hours earlier so it did not last the whole day and was therefore not as fun.
  • Yes, I did not do any homework so now I am drowning in it and should be doing it now.

Party in the pub.

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  1. Wow...ok, well, first, I didn't know you had a blog. I just came to it via your roadtrip site (obviously it's a slow day for me today, as I've already emailed you independently of this). Then I saw these pictures and was very amused. And, then, somehow I must be signed up for something related to blogspot, because it knows my name is Julie. Interesting.

    Anyway, hello Liz & Liz's blog!


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