Guest Post and Mass Innovation Night

Two big events in less than 24 hours, both personally and professionally.

First, Tina at the Carrots N Cake blog was generous enough to let me write a guest post about finding the right restaurant for you. I talk about traditional ways, like talking to friends, as well as exploring new media, like my site xelago.com.

Second, last night was Mass Innovation Night! xelago and nine other companies showcased new products to an audience of several hundred people. It was very helpful and productive for xelago, and for me personally. Brentan and I met all sorts of people, and even got interviewed by a Boston Globe reporter. All the interesting people and new ideas were incredible. I only wish I had been able to check out some of the other products that were there; I was too busy telling people about xelago. Also, I don't think I realized how huge Twitter is until last night. omg so many people on Twitter!

Anyway, thanks to the new people I met, new people I will meet, and to Carrots N Cake!

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