Design Hive

I think I want to go to the Design Hive in a couple of weeks when it opens. It is right around the corner where a bunch of my friends used to live. Too bad they aren't there anymore, but maybe we can reminisce, 21 Wendell...
So it basically is a hand made fair with:
* clothing (modern and vintage)
* handbags and accessories
* jewelry
* housewares
* ceramics, prints, and paper goods

So, that's pretty much what I have been into recently, and hopefully can score some cool things, or at least look at the pretty things that I don't need.

Also, I found these cute Boston pins on a blog I like to read sometimes, Paper Menagerie, and when I went to the etsy store, they weren't there! What other Boston fan could have bought them already?! Was it you!?


  1. Hey there Liz! Thanks for the message and the mention!

    Sadly those buttons have sold, but there is one more set of Boston buttons in the shop if you are quick!


  2. So sad. I'll have to be happy with the picture from your blog. I'll keep my eye out for your other cute things though!


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