Fall in Vermont

I took a short weekend break to Vermont this past weekend, inspired by a friend's request for a ride. It was good inspiration, as the weather was beautiful and the tree color at its peak.

We went to TWO wineries and TWO breweries to taste lots of beer and wine! This is Brentan sitting outside the Shelburne Winery. They had really, really, ridiculously good ice wine. We were dumb and didn't buy any. We also went to Magic Hat brewery (which was essentially a grungy bar in a warehouse- fantastic!, Otter Creek brewery, and another winery I can't remember the name of)

Me among grape vines


Fire Hydrant FAIL!

Hiking up Mt. Indepence, the site across the lake from Fort Ticonderoga. Very important in the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War, for you history buffs!

This is right before I slipped and almost fell into Lake Champlain. I just got really muddy instead.

The view from Mt. Independence, overlooking Lake Champlain

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