Style Icon- Pushing Daisies

After watching the season premier of my FAVORITE show last night, Pushing Daisies, I decided the Chuck (aka Anna Friel) is my new style icon. I just want to be in the show, or be her, or both. Is that weird that I want to be fictional, and semi-dead?

Her style is so stylized, like the show. Last night, it was so cute, she was wearing a little bee pin that worked as a microphone so she could infiltrate a honey cosmetics company. Chuck also always wears these 50's silhouettes, full skirts, tight, tailored tops, and cardigans. Its so vintage and feminine.


  1. I LOVE PUSHING DAISIES. ahhh, i can't believe i'm missing it =(

  2. Oh Jess, there are just some things you have to miss out on when you go to Europe. As a side note, Anna Friel is British, so maybe you'll see her around town!

  3. Don't you totally miss Pushing Daisies?! (Here from DIY day at Kimba's and saw Chuck and had to click!)



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