Fall, Pink Chandelier Update, and New Clothes

Oh, fall, how I love thee.
I think fall used to be my least favorite season. I don't really know why (because we "fall" into the despair of winter?), because it is so beautiful, and crisp. And I like wearing new clothes for fall. Like this dress in the picture, which may be my new favorite, kinda inspired by Chuck from Pushing Daisies (new episode tonight!), and also inspired by a friend who owns it too. Though, I really don't look like Chuck (wish I did!) The dress is not so fallish, but new from ebay, and I love it. I also got a new pair of kickass boots for fall, which I received a compliment on from my dentist this morning.

On another note: I got the pink chandelier in the mail today from my mom from the wedding! The project for tonight is to hang it up and watch it in all its splendor. I will post pictures soon, mostly because I will have internet when I get home today--Verizon came today to install it!

Also, this is what I am wearing today. I love how the proportions never look right on polyvore. Ha.

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