Fall in MA

It is fall in New England, one of the prettiest times of year. Though I don't have any pictures of colorful trees, I do have a few pictures from the last few weeks of life.
The new Sel de la Terre kitchen in the new Mandarin Oriental hotel complex. The window opens up to a hallway that will have some pretty swanky shops in it eventually.

Classic Boston shot on the bridge in the public garden. Brentan doesn't look so happy, probably since we always make fun of people taking pictures here!
A wedding party moving from the Taj to the public garden, most likely to take some wedding pictures. I love how everyone is looking at the bride as if she is a celebrity. A bride should be a celebrity on her wedding day. I loved the bridesmaids dresses. They had these giant bows in the back.
I made cupcakes with Sarah the other night. They were so cute, and VERY delicious.


  1. So, these are from the "last few weeks of your life?" That's not very optimistic... (frowny face)

  2. Not MY life, "The last few weeks of life."
    Everything dies in the fall, and then it is cold, cold winter.


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