The Great Schlep

The Times had an article yesterday about Sarah Silverman's "The Great Schlep", which I had originally heard about from my uncle. Now, I'm not a huge Sarah Silverman fan, mostly because she is too crude for me (that's the lady in me :o ), but this was great. The article describes the great schlep as a "mix of sarcasm and sincerity," which is a really good description.

The project basically encourages young Jews to tell their grandparents in Florida that they will not come and visit them unless they will vote for Obama. It describes all of the ways to convince grandparents that Obama is a great candidate, namely:
  • Obama hearts Israel and so do you!
  • His love for the United States is similar to that of the Jewish immigrants, who loved America for giving them an opportunity to succeed if they worked hard enough.
  • Obama opposes privitizing Social Security.

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