I haven't posted for a few days since I have mainly been thinking of things that I don't want just anyone reading, so I don't want them going on the internet. But it has to do with creativity, and museums. So thats all the hint I'm giving, and if you want to ask me more, you can. But not here.

Also, I have been thinking a lot about Sarah Palin recently, and that is totally open for discussion.
1. Totally disqualified.
2. Negative attitude (along with the rest of the Republican Party, currently).
3. An anti-Hillary. What Hillary has done for women in politics, Palin is the antithesis.
4. Interesting move for McCain. I am interested to see how everything plays out.

I am currently obsessed with Jezebel, and they have some pretty kick-ass articles about her.

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  1. i posted a video on my blog from the daily show talking about sarah palin. but yeah she is pretty much the devil, and any self-respecting woman should be fighting against her, because she is totally against women's rights.


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