New York

I'm going to New York! I haven't been to the city for a few years now, even though I live just a few hours away. But its exciting! I think I lost a little love for the city since I felt overwhelmed in it, but hopefully when I go back in a few weeks it will be great! I'm going for a few days for work, to help train in our new RAs and then staying on for the weekend to hang out, and hopefully visit Molly, now that she is at med school. Brentan and Sarah and Jolene should be meeting me there, so it will be a crazy fun time!

Also, it just so happens to be fashion week in New York for the few days that I am there, which is especially exciting for me and my co-workers. But what really goes on during fashion week? I didn't even care until I found out that I would be there during that time. I know there will be fashion shows, but what about other fashion-y things to do for us regular people? The non-model/designer/celebrity/socialite?
Hopefully I will find out....

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