(Part of) Brentan's attractive fam, looking all formal!
One of my favorite pics of Brentan and I so far, semi-candid, except Brentan's aunt Brenda probably took about 15 pictures that are bad to get this one good one.

My fam!
The bridal party! (Brentan's brothers apparently do not like to take pictures, my bridesmaids on the other hand, loved it!)

I received some great pictures, but really can't wait until we get our professional pictures back in a month (I can't believe we have to wait so long!).

Also, we had quite a few people hook up during the reception (including a bridesmaid and groomsman! how cute!), which made for drama and excitement, and I really couldn't have asked for a better time (well, the few puking stories could have been left out).

But now the wedding is over (which was great, fabulous, perfect, and more than I ever could, or did ask for), so next week it is on to the honeymoon in Acapulco, which I am super excited for. There is a forecast for thunderstorms the whole week which will be dramatic with 90 degree heat. And it will feel tropical, and hopefully romantic.


  1. definately will be romantic.

    Also, the wedding is not complete without the puking stories. They are in fact a vital part of any successful wedding.

  2. great wedding indeed. hava nagila.

    did anyone hook up under the willow trees? that place practically had a sign saying "hook up here, guaranteed to be great, especially if you are drunk"

    hasta luego! have fun!

  3. Liz! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm eager to see all the planning stuff you posted about in yours!! Congratulations and Happy Honeymoon!!!!!

  4. I love the pictures! And I agree with Brentan, puking stories are absolutely VITAL to the wedding reception. It's pretty much expected...


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