I just love it! and NYC

I just love the Cherry Blossom Girl's website. The photography is beautiful, like the picture of Antwerp above.

Oh, it just inspires me to be a photographer. Which is a little difficult right now since my camera is b-r-o-k-e-n. So I don't have any photos from last weekend in New York, and there were so many great opportunities. The only photos I have are from my co-workers, and from my friends, so I just have to mooch off theirs. Like the one below, taken at a very awesome rooftop bar in midtown. The decor was 'tropical', if you can see the palm tree in the background. Stuffed exotic animals decorated the place too, like a zebra and leopard.
I also went to the MoMA, which was amazing. (I heart modern art!) They were showing an exhibit on Dali, which was VERY crowded. I watched a few of the videos that they had- one was a clip from Hitchcock's Spellbound, in which Dali created the sets for a dream sequence. Also, Dali collaborated with the Disney studios and was working on a Fantasia-like animated sequence which was never finished. In 2003 they finished it, based on Dali's drawings and storyboards. It is exactly what you would think a video of a cross between surrealism and modern animation would look like. Very cool. And I saw a roomful of Picassos, including Demoiselles d'Avignon, one of my favorite Picasso pieces. Ah. I was in art heaven.

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