Getting Organized

Brentan and I are finally getting organized in the apartment, and we went to Ikea a few weeks ago to buy some new stuff for the apartment, including this white bookshelf. It is very modern and has clean lines, and was like something I saw in a design magazine, but is from Ikea, so it is cheap and you can see the screws when you look at it from the side (which I don't particularly like). The bookshelf and the mirror that we also got at Ikea almost didn't fit into our car, but after a few minutes of strategically pushing and shoving, we moved the front seats completely forward and fit them both in the car. By then the seats were so far forward that Brentan could barely fit in the seat with his knees up to his chin, and I had to drive back about 3 inches away from the steering wheel. It was a sight.

So nevertheless, the bookshelf has helped us get organized as you can see, with showcasing some of our wedding goods. My favorites are the green vase from Miss Emily A, and the glass cake platter on the lower shelf which I have already used for my birthday cake!


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