What I Wore Yesterday

Its a rainy rainy day today, that will probably turn into a rainy rainy weekend, so I thought I would post what I was wearing yesterday! I made this on polyvore yesterday, cause I didn't have a camera to take my picture, cause I though I looked pretty cute, especially in my pink high heels! The heels in the pic are not quite as cool as my own, but I couldn't find a picture online of the ones I have.

Why does it feel like I am so much more grown up wearing heels? Even tight, high, uncomfortable ones? That is one think I like about dressing for the office: heels!


  1. Many comments:
    - you did look cute
    - the fact a site exists to create pictures of clothing is absurd
    - i will never understand why women like wearing really uncomfortable (or uncomfortable looking) shoes. But you do look good in them.


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