Here are some links to what I have found interesting today:

Cake Wrecks- Mmm, chest hair post. Just what it sounds like. I love this blog.

New York Times- The King is Dead, by Roger Cohen. Opinion about college students getting over the i-banking/consulting thing after college. I am guilty, but agree with Cohen that young people should be thinking of things other than a quick buck. A Princeton grad is quoted as saying, "I mean, when I was a sophomore, if you could spell your name, you were guaranteed a job [at Merrill Lynch]." Wow. I mean, I know, but wow. These classmates of mine are helping run the largest companies.


  1. These people frustrated me in college, mostly the fact that there were so many of them. But I guess I almost feel sorry for them.

    I thought it said "Car" Wrecks- Mmm chest hair, and I tried to figure out what that meant...

  2. Ha!

    I do feel sorry for them now, but only because of the situation now. No one knew two years ago, when our friends were getting jobs on Wall Street, that the economy would meltdown like it has. But it is just that: there were so many! Why weren't there more people interested in entrepreneurship, in non-profit work, in other things! Or maybe they were in the spotlight more, attracting more attention to themselves.


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