Pink Chandeliers

For my wedding in August, my mom has been refurbing old chandeliers. And then painting them pink. And I really love them! Who thought that pink chandeliers would look so cute?

But what to do with them when the wedding is over? We have three. My mom suggested that we use them as door prizes. I think that we should sell them on ebay or craigslist. I would love to see who would want a pink chandelier, and what they would do with it. Maybe we could find a boutique that would raise the retail price considerably for a unique piece of art. Maybe we should ship them off to Martha Stewart, queen of weddings. Or hang them in my apartment. But then I would have to get them to Boston somehow. Bridesmaids gifts? I have three bridesmaids!

The pictures don't seem to be uploading. I will try later.


  1. Interesting that the internet world is asked this question before your future husband.

    I would say no to the doorprize idea, since most people wont be from minnesota....and they wont want them anyways. Craiglist or eBay seems like the right final destination to me...I bet Henry would take care of the whole thing for a cut of the profits.

  2. I bet Henry would.
    Actually, the internet world is not asked this before you. Since you are the only audience of this blog, you are the internet world of 1.


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