I like Netflix, and I like Web 2.0. I also enjoy watching TV shows and movies (sometimes too much!). I especially like the ratings for movies, and how Netflix predicts what I will like. It is not always right, since it is usually a blend of Brentan and my ratings. (It thought we would like the second Indiana Jones movie, which is a huge, stereotyping, racist, bust.)

Anyways, since I like Netflix, I also think I am going to like Hulu.
I haven't signed up yet, but it looks promising for when I am out of Netflix on demand movies to watch. I mean, The Office! Arrested Development! SNL! Bad B Movies!

It is about time that television studios figured out that the web is where it is at. And all in one place! I predict that ABC and CBS follow, but maybe not for another year or so. Maybe the CW?

So I got to sign up and then I'll give it a real review.

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