My job right now involves calling lots of people. Nearly 1000 people. So I spent all afternoon calling people. I almost got to call Guam, but I checked and it was still 5:30 am there. Maybe I should try now.

I called all over the country. For most people I left voice mails. Others were friendly and called me back immediately. Others were short and to-the-point. And others just didn't care.

It is exhausting to call and call and call.

This is what my phone looks like. I've seen too much of it!!!! AHREEAOHHGA!


  1. I like your phone.
    But my phone is more snazzy.
    It has conference call ability, and voicemail, and a gazillion other features that I don't know about and if I don't like my desk for a while I can go somewhere else and log into a different phone that still looks and acts just like mine!

  2. My phone has buttons that dial numbers when pressed. when I pick up the phone, I get a dial tone. I generally know how to work all the features of my phone. Note that if I get bored of my desk, I can go to another desk and there will be a phone that will also give me a dial tone if I lift the receiver. It works just like mine!

  3. the only phone i have is my cellphone and i hate making calls. :D i don't really like talking on the phone and sometimes i have to call up magazines while at work, and i don't like doing that either. eek. i might die if i had to call and speak to 1000 people!


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