Wow, so much has been going on, that I just haven't had time to write in my blog! I went to a wedding, did Christmas at my apartment and went to the frigid region of Quebec! Below are the picture highlights!

Phil and Annalise's wedding at the chapel at Rice University. Annalise looked gorgeous, and Phil looked pretty good too! It was fun, and beautiful! The reception was at the Sweetwater Country Club in Phil and Annalise's hometown of Sugarland, which again, was so beautiful!
Brentan and I with Phil and Annalise at the reception.
Here is our Christmas tree in our apartment with the table all set for Christmas dinner. It snowed lots and lots the weekend we were in Texas, right before my family came to town for the holidays, and my mom was shocked that they didn't clear away any snow from the streets or sidewalks after a blizzard. It all melted within three days.
We used our new china from our wedding! I love it.

The next few pictures are from Montreal. We were there after Christmas through New Years. This is the Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome called the Biosphere from the 1967 World's Fair. My dad remembered going to it when he was a kid. The biosphere is now a museum. We learned all about alternative energy from this French Canadian guy. They have their own natural water treatment plant at the biosphere!My whole family outside the biosphere!
My mom and dad atop Mount Royal, after which the city is named.


  1. Liz! everything looks so beautiful! from the wedding to your apartment dining room set (!!!!) to Canada!


  2. Thanks Ronnie! I had a very fun vacation!


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