Alliance for International Women's Rights

I was chatting with an old friend online the other day, and she recommended this AMAZING organization to me, the Alliance for International Women's Rights. The Alliance connects women (and men) across the world who want to use their professional skills to help women's rights groups in central Asia. Women can volunteer their time, from their own homes, to edit documents, provide legal advice, anything that the women's rights groups need, in their "Armchair Development" program.

It is such a simple idea, that is ingenious! The groups would love to have help from experienced individuals, and women in the US and Europe would love to help out! I've signed up to volunteer already, and hopefully they will get back to me soon.

The Alliance also has another program, the Armchair ESL program, in which women can use Skype to teach English to the leaders and members of the women's rights group.

I love it. I love the idea. I just need to find a cool idea that I can pursue, that is just as SMART as this one!

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