Whiptails Weekend + Bro-In-Law

Last weekend was a Whiptails filled weekend. It was Millyfest + Alum Game, and I'm pretty sure the alum, ahem *vintage*, whiptail team dominated. I didn't take any pictures, because I was too busy having fun. And it was great seeing people who I hadn't seen in a year or so. Although I missed the far away people (JessKwan, Tori, Rachel, I'm calling you out)! It was great playing frisbee again, which I also haven't done in a year. I used muscles I forgot that I have.

Also, my brother in law, Bryce, came into town from CO on Saturday, and I'm playing tourist with him, especially when Brentan is at work. Sunday we went to see Spring Awakening, which, although the music and singing was outstanding, was a little disappointing. There was very little plot, and the acting was sub-par. I felt like there was so much emotion and very little expression of it on the actors' part. I wanted to cry, to laugh, but it wasn't there.
Also, Bryce and I went to the Museum of Science yesterday and hung out with the schoolchildren. I'm also always underwhelmed by that museum. But then we went to see the Pawtucket Sox game last night after Brentan was done with work, and that was fun. And cheap! Including the food and beer!

So now, Bryce is still sleeping and I should come up with something to do this afternoon....

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