Homemade Headboard Project

Brentan and I finally decided we needed to do something with our bed. Well, it's really just a mattress on wheels. We decided to make a headboard. After seeing it done on HGTV a while ago (see here, or an Apartment Therapy how-to here ), I figured it would be easy enough.

We bought fabric and batting from the fabric store and plywood and a staple gun from Lowes for the main piece. Also from Lowes, we got a few pieces of of molding and some wood stain for the frame. All the pieces for the main part were pre-cut, and all we needed to do was staple. Brentan cut and fit the molding together, and it is screwed on to the back of the plywood. We hung it on the wall and ta-da!

Easy as pie. And our bedroom looks way more put together.



  1. That looks really nice! And you can change the fabric so easily! Very beautiful, I love it.

  2. Great job! I dream of having an upholstered headboard like that. Yours turned out beautifully!

  3. Wow - that looks *great*! So professional!

  4. Buying quality, durable and suitable products for your house is the main challenge. You can never trust anyone as you don't know who is selling what sort of products.

    The products that you bought suited each and every corner of your bedroonm.

    Gr8 work.

  5. what a great idea! looks very cute!


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