Wintertime Fun: What fun it is to lose a job

I never thought I would be so happy to not have a job. Don't misunderstand me: it sucks to have less money, fewer things to do during the day, and have to spend effort and time worrying about a new one (and hopefully I can FIND a new one). It also is not very fun to be out and about when everyone else is at work. That is, everyone with a job. The crazies and the drunks are around in the middle of the day (does that mean I'm going to become one?!?!). 3-4 pm sort of reminds me of siesta in Spain--just like the middle of the night--when everyone is at home with their families, or in this case, all at work.

But on to the fun stuff. I've been mentally preparing for Christmas, thinking about things--what to cook, how to decorate. And I've been really preparing, too, by shopping, wrapping presents, decorating.

Also, its great to have the time when I would have been at work but other people had off of work. This includes 4-6 pm. I love extending my evenings, which has really increased my social life! I get to do things like go to the Other Side Cafe, and ice skating on Frog Pond, and Target, and eat lunch with my former coworkers (OK, I did get to do that before)!
So its really not been that bad. But I have been going into work to finish up a project, which will be finished by Friday, God willing!

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